Model: KB5400
Model: KB3400
Model: KB3000
Model: KB2000

Where Does Kwik Block Work Best?

  • In environments where moisture and corrosion are present.
  • In environments where expensive stainless steel hardware is used.
  • To avoid dissimilar metals because of electrolysis.
  • Kwik Block is plastic so it will never rust or corrode.

The black Kwik Block is U.V. resistant and designed for indoor/outdoor use while the natural color is designed for indoor use. For best reliability in outdoor applications use stainless steel tethers.

Kwik Block Tip

Use Kwik Block to secure one or more pipes, tubing, hoses, and wiring.

The Kwik Block acts as a pipe standoff bracket or mounting block. It works well for an individual pipe or to support and secure bundles of wiring or tubing.

Who uses Kwik Block?

Uses include, but are not limited to hoses, wire, pipe, conduit, HVAC ducting, computer network wiring, utility wiring and piping, antenna mounting and sign mounting.





Heating Specialists


Air Conditioning Experts


All Construction Trades


Electrical Trades

Agricultural & Farming

Kwik Block in the perfect answer for fastening insulated pipes in refrigeration, steam, glycol circulation, cold and hot water, HVAC insulated pipes and ducting, etc.  Because Kwik Block is capable of utilizing any length of tether, it is possible to secure heavily insulated pipes or duct work just by adjusting the length of the tether uses.